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Tennis Injuries

Those of you who enjoy strutting your stuff on the tennis court and giving it all you have got, here are some common tennis injuries with which you might possibly be afflicted with:

1) Sprained ankle

Sprained ankles are relatively common in tennis players. Roger Federer, Andy Roddick and Andrew Murray have all suffered sprained ankles. The sudden sideways movements that are required during tennis can cause the ankle to twist, particularly if the surface is slippery or the player is fatigued. A twisted ankle causes damage to ligaments and other soft tissues around the ankle. The damage causes bleeding within the tissues which produces a swollen ankle that can be extremely painful.

2) Tennis elbow

This is the most famous of tennis injuries (although often occurring in non tennis players) this injury is typified by pain on the outside of the elbow often spreading down the forearm.
The force of the racket repeatedly hitting the ball radiates through the grip and down into the arm, causing trauma to the tissues surrounding the elbow. Incorrect technique, poor grip size selection along with any weakness of or imbalance between, the wrist flexor and extensor muscles will exacerbate this.

3) Shoulder Injuries

The most common cause of shoulder injury in tennis is repetitive overuse. Overuse can be the result of too much play in a short time interval, or poor stroke mechanics.
Repetitive overuse can lead to soft tissue injury of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

That's the bad news. The good news is that with the correct advice and appropriate Physiotherapy treatment, you can bounce back with the vigour of a small yellow ball and be back on the court before that racquet gets the chance to collect more than a few specks of dust!

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