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Rubgy Injuries

What better way to spend your Saturday than out on a crisp day, in the rhythm of rucks, mauls and passes playing the passionate, highly skilled game of Rugby. Then, buzzing, battered and bruised, you and team mates round off with a hot shower and a cold beer. Perfect!

But...back to that 'battered and bruised' part! There are countless injuries that can be sustained in this physically demanding sport, but two common ones are:

1) Hamstring strains
During sprinting activities, the Hamstring muscle can be forcibly stretched beyond its limits and the muscle tissue can tear. This is referred to as a strain and is classified as a 1st/2nd/3rd degree strain.

2) Acromio-clavicular (A/C) joint sprain
The AC joint is part of the shoulder complex. An AC joint sprain refers to damage its ligaments. They are most commonly damaged through a fall onto the tip of the shoulder, or from a collision with an opponent in a tackle.


Immediate 'PRICE' protocol - protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. The injury might need to be reviewed by a doctor or HPC registered Physiotherapist. Sometimes there will need to be rest from sporting activity for a period of time (or modification of activity/training) and appropriate Physiotherapy treatment will help to aid healing.

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